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Government of Nepal has prioritized energy sector as a key driver for meeting the government's slogan of “Prosperous Nepal – Happy Nepali”. With the declaration of the new Constitution in 2015 and successful elections for all levels of governments, Nepal now enjoys political stability, enabling the government to pursue policies conducive for energy development. The government has set a generation target of 15,000 MW in the next ten years and aims to make the country energy secure. Further, we see opportunities for regional connectivity allowing for energy trading. Aer many years of facing energy shortage, Nepal is presently well on its way to being an energy surplus nation in the coming year. Projects with over 2,500 MW capacity are under construction, and 2,900 MW capacity projects are ready for construction. Similarly projects with about 18,000 MW capacity are under study. Further, with high capacity interconnection links with India, combined with the Government of India's liberal policies for Cross Border Electricity Trade, regional energy trading is now a distinct possibility; energy banking is already a reality. Nepal and India are currently discussing further high capacity connectivity for bulk power trade and Bangladesh has expressed interest in purchasing power from Nepal, as well as for investing in Nepal's hydropower.

With all these new encouraging developments, the Independent Power Producers Association of Nepal –IPPAN is organizing the seventh edition of Power Summit in Kathmandu from November 21-22, 2019. To gain prosperity from the development of its hydro resources, Nepal now needs to look at increasing consumption in Nepal as well as look beyond its borders for optimal use of its water resources. The opportunity is here to use our indigenous hydro energy for national development. Nepal also needs to take advantage of the fact that Asia is growing and the demand for clean and renewable energy is growing as well. This is also the time to think regionally, with aspirations towards powering the Asian Century.

Power Summit 2019 will explore avenues of cooperation as well as the legal, regulatory and infrastructural requirements to come up with technical solutions for expanding our supply, consumption and and optimizing our resources. We are mindful that billions of dollars of investment will be required for increasing generation, ex tending transmi s s ion, and expanding distribution. Regulatory mechanisms need to be reviewed to further facilitate this investment. Increase in production capacity needs to go hand in hand with environmentally safe and socially equitable development. Power Summit 2019 will effectively address these issues for a shared future of prosperity

The Power Summit is a platform that will provide the needed momentum to move the energy sector in Nepal forward to attain its full potential. The Summit will help galvanize efforts and generate the needed synergy to fuel the growth in Asia through Nepal's indigenous hydro resources. It will be a venue to understand the existing policies and opportunities, network and do business.

Power Summit 2019 will draw in around 750 participants from all over the world representing governments, energy producers, traders, investors, regulators, academics, and business people – all exploring opportunities in the energy sector.

Independent Power Producers' Association Nepal (IPPAN) is a nongovernmental, not-for-profit umbrella organization of private power developers. IPPAN advocates for national energy security, creating conducive environment for private sector participation in the energy sector, as well as for the capacity building of its members. Within a period of two decades, IPPAN members have been able to contribute almost 55 percent of the total generation capacity of Nepal. In the coming days, IPPAN looks forward to augmenting power generation in Nepal and spearheading regional trade of electricity.